Josepf Hubert Pilates changed my life I discovered in 2007 this athlete who left us 36 basic exercises and his 10 method of pilates whole body training.
 Dates wednesday time   price / hour
Pilates training  60 min.

5.30 pm


6.30 pm


9 €

Pilates trainings methodes are:

- Whole body movements
- Deep breathing
- Balanced muscle development
- Concentration
- Control
- Centering
- Rhytmus

The hour of pilates training is a full body movement with a deap breathing.

 Breathing is CHI, to high your own life energy, every week with PILATES Training.

If you like to book a lession, give me an e-mail please.

Mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is an Online Live Streaming with the Zoom App, of another.

9 € per  60 minutes or a personal Training 1 hour 28 €

If you prefer a group, you can find the dates of the Pilates Training per weekly here: